A threat

She had tried out different wedding gowns but none of them satiated Luciana, she always found a flaw in each gown she picked. Charlene had reached the verge of her patience, she wouldn't try another gown because she knew they'd definitely say something awful about it. She retired to a chair in the closet and took out her phone. She didn't bother to talk to her mother, Kathleen wouldn't listen to her, whatever Luciana said it was the final. Knowingly she knew that Richard took after her mother, he was nothing like Bryant.

Luciana cleared her throat to attract her attention. Charlene switched her gaze from her phone to Luciana, she lifted a brow at her questioningly.

“We'll check out another closet. They don't have what we want here.” She declared unconvincingly. 

Charlene was literally bored, they had spent forty minutes in the closet yet she couldn't pick a gown. There was a gown she loved but Luciana fo

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