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“You should just let it go. You can't fight Sullivan's family all by yourself.” Dolly had been cautioning Henrietta, she knew her mind was made up however she wouldn't give up on her. They had been friends since highschool, if there was anyone that knew Henrietta better than anyone it was her. 

“I'm not doing it alone. I'm doing it for our son. Richard can throw away our family like that, I want my family back.” Henrietta seethed threateningly.

“You should have given it a second thought when you signed the divorce contract with him. He was ready to give you twice the money the company offered but you chose the contract over your family.” She remembered knowingly.

Henrietta glared at her, she winked at her surly and took her hand from the maid that was polishing her nails. “Leave!” She commanded imperatively. After the maid had left the living room, she gazed at her and

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