Why aren't you wearing your ring?

The time flew faster than expected, she didn't tell him anything about it. Although Charles wasn't going to give up on advising her, hoping that she'd listen to him and do what was right. After school he drove her back to the mansion. Charlene alighted from the car, she waved a hand at him cheerfully before making her way into the mansion. As usual maids were seen walking around, busy with one or two things but something wasn't right, Charlene concluded in her thought. The seriousness and their focus on what they were doing were quite different from the past two days she had spent in the mansion.

“Welcome back, ma'am.” A maid greeted, she was on her way heading toward the stairs but she halted. Charlene nodded once. “Would you like me to prepare the bathtub for your bath?” 

“No, you don't have to.” She replied and took the elevator upstairs. Before walking into her room she halted at the doorway, she looked behind her and noticed th

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