Is it a fever?

Richard put his hand on her forehead to examine her body temperature. However, she was burning up. While sitting up she looked at him, smiling faintly. “I'm fine. Stop looking at me like that.” Richard was worried and it was hard for him to hide that he was.

Richard shook his head in disagreement to what she said. He couldn't wait for the doctor to divulge the outcome of the result. “What's wrong with her? Is it a fever?” As it was the only thing he could think of. She had been vomiting lately, complaining about being dizzy, weak and more. It was strange to him, Charlene had never been really ill ever since they got married. Richard asked about her period tracker, assuming it might be one of the symptoms but she told him it was either breast tenderness or an awful cramp. What she was feeling at the moment was also strange to her.

After checking her calendar, she missed her monthly period which was strange. She had never missed it before. After browsing for more information, she conclu
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