Consent to change custody

Richard left the company after the conference meeting. He made a phone conversation with Bryant and he informed him that he would be coming over to the mansion by noon. As the driver halted the car at the garage, Richard alighted sluggishly, then went inside. He completely ignored every maid he met on his way as he made his way to the living room.

Bryant glanced back when he sensed his presence in the living room. “I believe you were already on the way here when you called.” Bryant said. They hung up the phone call about ten minutes ago. If he was at the company when he called he would make it to the mansion in twenty minutes, but it took him ten minutes to arrive at the mansion, so he was right.

Richard couldn't hide the fact that he was infuriated to the core. His eyes were cold as ice while approaching him. He just wanted to vent on Luciana “Is mum home?” He asked, trying to sound cool to make his anger unnoticeable.

“She's by the poolside. What brings you here? You didn't come her
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