She seemed to be getting attention from everyone, only a few were badmouthing her but she wasn't affected at all. She looked perfectly fine, being the center of attention she didn't care about anything else. Greta walked in majestically toward the reception where Henrietta was with Dolly. Greta didn't bother to utter a word, she took a seat next to her manager.

“Are you sure they're back together?” They kept murmuring to each other, secretly looking at Henrietta.

“I don't think so.”

“Then, the rumors are not true?”

“Mr Sullivan hasn't divorced his wife. Henrietta is the one trying to separate the couples using his son.”

“Huh? That's awful. She's selfish.” One of the ladies surly winked at her.

“Everyone knows that. I personally know Henrietta will go any length if she needs something. It's her personality. She's a parasite that can't survive on its own.” Maggie scowled.

“I think we should leave, Henri.” Dolly suggested since everyone was becoming annoying.

Henrietta shrugged apathet
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