She's a manipulator

Henrietta stood on his way, stopping him from taking another step further. “I don't like the babysitter. Please fire her.” She said without minding the consequences of her action.

Richard glared at her. “I'm not firing her. If you don't like her you should deal with it.”

“Miguel hurts his ankle all because of her carelessness. I can't deal with my baby getting hurt. It hurts seeing him in pain.” Her eyes became red as her tears hovered her eyes.

He flustered at her, simply didn't understand what she was talking about. “What happened to Miguel?” Worried about him, he inquired..

“Why don't you come see for yourself.”

He hesitated. He wanted to check Miguel in his room but there was part of him that made him restrict. When he locked eyes with her, there was no sincerity in her eyes. However, since Miguel was the one they were talking about he couldn't resist it.

“I know you're not coming with me but my son is in pain because of her. Please Richard, even if you're not going to see our
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