A fight

“What did she tell you?” He inquired. His voice was calm as always. Richard couldn't get angry and make it worst for both of them. She was furious, and deep inside he also was but he had to conceal his anger so everything would work out perfectly for both of them.

“What she told me? Do you think I'll right here asking you if I know about the contract both of you signed?” She yelled through gritted teeth, clenching her fists exasperatingly.

He shut his eyes briefly, inhaling and exhaling deeply to calm his nerves. “Calm down, Charlene. I'm going to tell you everything you need to know, but you have to calm down.”

“I am.” She snarled.

“You are not.”

She blinked rapidly, looking around the room she found her way toward the bed and sat down. She buried her face in her palm and cursed underneath. “Fuck you, Richard. You're making everything hard for us.” She gazed up at his face and peered into his eyes, waiting for him to start speaking.

“Whatever Henrietta might've told is a lie. Don't
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