She caught him kissing his ex wife

Richard stopped by the kitchen to fetch some water after returning from morning exercise. He sauntered in. Unexpectedly, there were no maids in the kitchen except Henrietta, who was cooking. He would have mistaken her for Charlene, he distinctly remembered warning Henrietta never to overstep the boundary . However, the hair color was different. Charlene had golden blonde hair whereas Henrietta's was dark brown.

“What are you doing in my kitchen?” Richard grabbed water from the refrigerator, he selected a glass and poured some into it. He raised the glass to his mouth and guzzled everything.

She turned at him, holding a knife in her hand. She was wearing an apron and her hair was also covered to prevent it from falling into the food she was preparing. “Cooking, as you can see.” She replied cheerfully.

“And the cook, what happened to her?”

“I told her to take a break. She's unwell and nearly fainted while preparing your breakfast. I promised her I'm going to inform you. I'm just offeri
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