Leaving the mansion was a terrible decision

Three hours earlier

“Hey. Look who just breezed in.” Jeremy teased when he saw Richard coming over to the VIP section. He pivoted at Devyn. “I thought you said he wasn't coming.” It sounded more like an interrogation.

Devyn shrugged off. “Perhaps he changed his mind. Lately, he hasn't been hanging out with us. Being a husband isn't easy. Jeremy, what the hell are you still waiting for?”

“Shame the one I love doesn't want marriage.”

Eventually, they reached their VIPs, Richard slumped beside Jeremy and punched him on the shoulder playfully. “Quit lying and tell him that both of you are just having fun.” He was exposed.

Jeremy shot him a fake glare. “I don't think I can handle marriage at my young age.”

“Until you turn old, man?”

“Well, I'm afraid all marriages lead to divorce. The divorce rate is high. I wonder if both partners were truly in love.”

“Of course, you can't marry someone you don't love.” Devyn cut in.

“Then why do couples divorce? I keep wondering if their love tanks are
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