“Charlene, don't you dare peek at my phone!” Charles yelled while chasing after her.

Charlene didn't stop advancing toward the door, she grabbed the doorknob, twisted it, and yanked the door open. “Come get your phone if you can.” She winked at him and then dashed out of his room.

Charles sighed with frustration. He walked after her. “You don't intrude on my privacy, Charlene. Give it back.”

She started descending the stairs. “You won't tell me if I ask you anyway. I'll find out on my own.”

She wagged his phone in the air. When she arrived in the living room, she halted at the sight of the person she saw. She was surprised to see him having a conversation with Mr. Knight.

“Richard?” She flustered at him while moving closer to them.

“Charlene, let me have my phone this instant!” Charles hollered imperatively while standing on the staircase.

She didn't hear what Charles said as all her gaze was on Richard. The last time she checked, it had been two days since he went on a business
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