Divorce isn't allowed

“You're serious about the divorce, aren't you?” Richard interrupted the awkward silence in the room. He stared straight into her eyes, his own eyes were red as they were showing signs of anxiety. He thought she would change her mind but when he saw her signature on the divorce he was despondent.

She nodded twice, not looking at him. “I told you I won't forgive you for what you did.”

“But I already explained what happened to you. Do you think I'll sleep with her when I know you're coming?”

“Who am I to blame? Henrietta or you for being a fool? Was it too hard for you to admit that you're still in love with your ex-wife? Why? She's the reason we lost our baby yet you still believed her. Do you still have the gut to sleep with her? How dare you, Richard! You have no idea of how much your sight disgusts me. Every time I look at you, it constantly reminds me of everything, the memory of you sleeping with Henrietta, it's too hard to forget. Right now, I'm done. You keep repeating the same t
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Brittany Mosco
Marriage counseling for keeping your ex around?! Keep running. Divorce him. If he doesn’t learn after the millionth time he never will. And what parents want their daughter to stay in a marriage like that?!????

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