Next Time, I Will Not Love You
Next Time, I Will Not Love You
Author: HeySketch

Introduction of Characters


All characters are based on the author's imagination and it was inspired by some of her favorite artists therefore some names will be derived from some of them. May it reach your imagination and hope you enjoy reading.


• Amiya / Illa •

She was originally born during an era of an old war between nations. She was raised by a poor widow who works as a palace maid during that time.

She was a beautiful and smart child that is full of hope and dreams but because of the man that she loved, she died miserably not once but multiple times as she finds herself being reborn after meeting the same person she dedicated her life before.

Amiya or Illa on the present time, was an orphan who works multiple part time jobs to survive while shutting her self away from the people who let her lead a bad ending.

• Solon •

He was the childhood best friend and the right hand of the Prince. He and his mother lived a poor life before but after re-marrying a noble, their life changed in an instant and from then he met the Prince and became friends with him.

He was an honorable knight of the kingdom and a famous person who was known for his looks, kindness, dedication and bravery.

• Yuan •

He was the only Prince of the Celis Kingdom. He was raised with both love and protection by the King and Queen but because of jealousy towards Solon, who was practically raised in the palace along with him, he became hostile to him fearing that he would take away all of his people and property.

He has a personality of a spoiled Prince but has a pure innocent heart who was tainted because of jealousy.

• Other future characters will be revealed as the story progresses •

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