Living and Dying: A Cycle That Will Never End (1)


A flower that brings back the memories of the innocent love we had but blooms millions of sadness in my heart.


My name is Amiya and I lived my life before as a normal citizen of an old kingdom.

But because of an unexpected happenings, I became the fiancee of the Prince then later on, the Queen of the kingdom.

I lost everyone that I treasured the most and...

I was killed by the person that I loved...

One day, after dying...

I opened my eyes once again and here I lived in an unfamiliar place.

There were a lot of things that I don't recognize and people who was familiar but also unfamiliar to me.

There were people using things that does not exists back then when I was still alive.

I wonder...

Is this the after life?

"Lia! You're finally awake!" the girl wearing a short dress exclaimed as she jumped into my bed.

"Dad was nagging me to wake you up! We'll be late for school!" she said as she forced me to leave the bed.

I looked at my self in the mirror and I was shocked to see that it was really me..

Nothing has changed, from my eyes, to my hair, everything look exactly the same though I look much younger.

Am I really alive?

I was still in awe when the girl helped me prepare. It was a busy morning for me, I thought.

We went down to meet the so called 'Dad' she mentioned and there I saw a familiar face.

I felt like I lost all my blood and I suddenly felt uneasy.

It was the King... He was sitting in a table with Solon's mother...

"Hey, are you okay?" the girl said as she dragged me to my seat.

I could not utter a word.

If this is the after life, why is he here? Is this perhaps a dream?

"Lia, did you sleep late again? I told you to stop reading too much books or you'll end up like Mrs. Jean's son haha." Solon's mother said.

I did not say anything as I tried to sink in everything that was happening. I looked around to observe and then a woman came in.

It was my mother...

She was wearing a casual dress but she seems like she was not part of this family.

"Nanny I really love this bread! Where did you buy this?" the girl asked.

Nanny? My mother was our nanny?

"Mother..." I tried calling her.

She looked at me and smiled but Solon's mother answered.

"Yes Lia? Why are you suddenly speaking formally haha, call me Mom. I feel so old when you call me Mother."


I am so confused...

Why is she my mother?

I stand up and took my leave as I need some fresh air.

"Hey wait for me!" the girl from before shouted as she ran towards me.

I heard her name was Monica when Solon's mother called her.

And apparently, she was my younger sister.

She talked to me about various things that happened before I opened my eyes today. It was like I have been living as her sister for a while now.

I just listened to everything she was telling me until we reached the school that we were attending.

She guided me to my classroom then left me go to on her own.

A lot of student greeted me so I did the same. I was so clueless as to what I should do or where should I go but luckily, there are some friends who helped me find my seat.

"Are you okay? You don't seem like yourself today? Did you break up with Ash?" a girl asked.

I smiled and stayed silent as I don't know what to answer.

How am I supposed to know? Who the heck is Ash? I don't even know myself!

"Shh shut up! I told you already that guy is a trash! Break up with him Lia! Find someone like Solon!" another girl exclaimed.

I suddenly felt a stroke of pain in my heart the moment I hear that name.

"Solon?" I cautiously asked.

"Yeah! You said you liked him! You even went out with him the other day." she said.

As much as I want to remember if it really happened, I could not as I just woke up from this body this morning. I wanted to see if it was the same Solon that I knew or just someone with the same name but how?

I spend the whole day studying and gathering information of this body called 'Lia' -- the one that I am currently living with and to sum up some details, found out that I was a daughter of a business man and a dress maker.

I have younger sister named Monica and we were both raised by our Nanny because our parents was too busy with work. I was also dating this guy called Ash but I also like another guy named Solon. Isn't it ridiculous how I am suddenly like an unloyal jerk who likes not just one man?

I am also a high-school student and not to mention, THE top student of our school. I have a lot of friends and supporters but I don't know how to start interacting with them. I didn't even have a lot of friends back in my previous life!

It was like I was living the life I dreamed of having, minus the royalty and killings...

Lia -- It was such an unfamiliar name for me. We have different lives but weird enough, we share she same body.

I don't know what kind of messed up mixing was this but yeah, I ended up being reborn as the daughter of the people I met in my previous life.

I was reincarnated... It was the only explanation I have to all of these things that were happening to me.

I don't know how and why but I believe that's what happened.


Months passed and I was able to adapt to the life that was given to me as Lia and to be honest...

I was happy...

It was so ordinary that I did not feel any burden or stress. It was very ideal...

There are times where I find it awkward living with someone familiar to me and had a different role in my previous life but it was okay...

I find it hard to believe but I hope this life go smoothly.

"Lia look!" Monica shouted.

We were preparing for a surprise party for one of my friends when Monica decided to invite some guests.

This includes both Ash and Solon. The one that they keep mentioning to me as my lover and crush.

Though I did not have a time to meet any of them, Monica and my friends keep telling me stories about them and how I met them so I am quite immune now when they tease me.

To be honest, I was looking forward to seeing them as well. I was just curious but at the same time scared.

I don't even know if they are someone I met from my past life as well, and I can never be sure what chaos they will bring to me.

I'm so anxious that it might have been Yuan and Solon as I never seen anyone who looked exactly like them in this life.

"Monica! Lia!" a tall guy called from a far.

He was holding a bouquet of flowers.

"Waaah! Welcome back my handsome Ash!" Monica exclaimed.

So that guy was Ash...

He was handsome indeed. He was also tall and has a pretty voice. I was relieved to see such unfamiliar face.

He walked towards my direction and hugged me.

"I missed you Lia..." he whispered.

His voice was so calming that I think my heart would explode.


He broke the hug when he did not get a response from me and there he gave me a peck on my lips.

I feel like I was blushing so hard.

What the heck!? Why is he so handsome!

He smiled and I feel like dying. lol

Monica snapped me out of my day dream when he snatched this so called lover of mine.

"Stop being too sweet! My sister is melting!" she said.

Ash just laugh it out and went to help Monica with the preparations.

It was so hard collecting myself as he keeps throwing sweet glances to me. Tch! What a play boy.

When we were finished, we gathered all the guest and called the celebrant. We use this thing called telephone to call her.

Back then we were just using letters as a way of communication, now they have this which is more convenient.

"Surprise!" we all shouted as she entered the venue.

We were all glad that she liked the surprise but I was not expecting that I would be surprised too.

There was one late guest who came when the party was almost done...

"Solon! Why are you so late!?" the celebrant rumbled.

"Sorry, I had to pick up my brother from school." he said while handling a bouquet of Lily to the celebrant.

I stood there in awe...

My body started shaking as I saw him...

I suddenly felt weak and was about to collapse but good thing Ash catched me.

He looked so worried.

I am too... I was worried for my life...

They started to gather around me when they saw Ash holding me and this includes Solon, so I told Ash to bring me to a quiet place to rest and good thing they did not ask anything.

"Are you okay now?" Ash asked.

I nodded as he handed me a drink.

"Can I go home?" I asked him and he smiled.

He told the others that I would be going first and he took me home after.

"Take care of yourself Lia, please don't be sick." he said as he kissed my forehead and bid his goodbye.

He was such a sweet person...

I don't know why most of my friends calls him trash when in fact, I was the one who liked two men. Good thing Monica likes him too so I got some ally to defend Ash.

I went to my room to rest and think.

So the Solon in this life was the same as the Solon that I knew before... They both have the same appearance and name, same smile and habits as well...

It was all the same...

There's just one thing I'm not sure of though...

Will he be the same person who betrayed me or the person who will love me unconditionally in this life?

I was glad to see him but I can never forget what he did... Not in this life... Or will any of my life that I will ever have...

I will protect myself this time... I will protect this second life given to me and promise that I will never break... Not the second time...

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