Another Chance


The reflection might be the same but a chances that it has a different personality or background will never be zero.


"Han!" Ethan exclaimed as he hugs the guy who looks exactly like Yuan.

"Your back!" Kei exclaimed.

It was suddenly like a reunion for all of them while I just stood there in shock.

I was so close in running away from this place but my feet would not move.

"Everyone, this is my older brother, Han." Ethan introduced him.

The guy named Han smiled and all of the guys gathered around him as if he was some sort of a celebrity.

They kept talking like that and us girls was a bit left out so Lia suggested that we have some girls time too for ourselves which they quickly agreed as if our presence was not that important.

Wow... So even after being reincarnated, he was still popular like a Prince? Funny enough that I want to puke.

We went to a guest room to freshen up ourselves as they decided earlier, when I was gone, to spend th
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