123: Kids Over Man

I spent the next week finishing everything that I needed to finish before the weekend. My boss was a bit hesitant in approving my leave, but I managed to persuade her. ZG and Zia were both excited about the trip and honestly, I feel a bit of excitement too. It's been a while since I saw everyone and I truly missed all of them.

Tomorrow is ZG's last day of school and also our flight, so it's gonna be a hectic day. I took my leave one day earlier than our flight so we could prepare everything and make sure that we had everything that we needed for the trip.

"Mommy, can I take this with me?" ZG asked, showing me the action figures that Gavin gave him on every occasion he can think of.

"Just take one, Z. It might not fit in the luggage anymore. We haven’t packed your clothes yet." I said to him as I was folding his clothes.

"Okay. That’s fair." He said, before turning around and going back to his packing.

"Mimi! Bring this?" Zia suddenly said beside me. I looked over at her and saw her tr
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