138: The Light in Her Eyes

Months passed and even the doctors couldn’t explain why Cath hasn’t opened her eyes yet. They keep telling me that there is no problem and that all we could do was wait, but waiting is such an agony.

With all the waiting, I can’t stop our kids from seeing her any longer. They want to see their mommy. They want to take care of her. I explained to them the situation as simple as I could and it seems like they understood.

“So, all we need to do is wake mommy up?” ZG asked and I couldn’t help but smile at his innocence.

“I wish it was that easy little man. We have to wait for mommy to wake up and maybe hearing your voices would make her want to wake up.”

I woke up to a hustling and bustling environment. I panicked and looked around and realized that we were still in the hospital. Andrea was already awake, she was sitting on the bed and was currently scrolling on her phone. I looked at the bed beside hers and Kyla was also awake she was also sitting on her bed, doing something on her phon
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