140: Back on Our Feet

Being in the hospital for a long time could really give you a sore back. There is nothing that I want more than to get out of the room but my dear dear husband doesn't want me to get out of the room. Lucky for him that our kids soften me up so I wouldn't bite his head off.

Today is actually the day that I will be discharged and I can't wait to just be home. It's been months since I was home and I just want to lay on our bed and eat everything that I wanted.

"Are you ready?" Gavin asked as he got into the room.

"Yeah. Let's go?" I asked and he nodded at me, taking my bags and holding my hand as we walked out of the room.

I got back to my desk as soon as I finished taking care of the meeting room. I'm starting to feel a bit scared, to be honest. I think I might have pushed Gavin to his limit. I know he's my boyfriend and all that but, he is still my boss and our relationship is still new so maybe it was a wrong move to take the elevator without him.

I sat on my chair for a moment,
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