142: I’m a Sinner

It's been a week since the day with Kyla. I haven't opened it up with Gavin, because I don't want him to think that I'm doubting him. And besides, he hasn't done anything suspicious since. He never went on an out-of-town trip after that. So, maybe that's just a big misunderstanding.

"Love!" I hear him call out as I was laying on our bed, reading a book. I've been in bed the whole day since I was feeling under the weather.

"What?" I called back to him and he and our son came barging into the room within seconds.

"Look what I downloaded." He said to me as they climbed onto the bed with their phones at hand. Since ZG is already going to school, we decided to buy him a phone in case of emergencies. We asked his teacher and he was allowed to bring it but he has to surrender it before the class.

"What is it?" I asked him, not taking my eyes off my book.

"It's an app to locate another phone." He said pushing my book down with his phone so I have no choice but to look at his phone. His
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