Chapter One Hundred & Five

This should have been expected, I knew that.

Selene had touched Myra, thereby reembodying her with the power of a Goddess. Exactly as it had been when our species was first created. Only, I’d be lying if I said it didn’t raise some questions regarding her rebirth now.

At the very least, I knew her body had aged in accordance with how old she was meant to be. We’d walked up as she was shifting back, meaning she had aged past eighteen. Hopefully, this meant that the only thing found to be out of place would be her memories missing from the time she wasn’t here.

Though, despite having the gift of foresight, things rarely went as I expected.

I shook the thoughts from my head, knowing there were more important issues to worry about. And, right now, the only thing that mattered was making sure she was alright.

“Hey, you’re okay…,” I continued to soothe, patting her back gently. “You’re fine. You don’t have anything to worry about.”

After a f

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goodnovel comment avatar
Ramandeep Kaur
I knew it… Myra and Cai would be mates
goodnovel comment avatar
Rose SB
Ooooo, I’m so happy for Cai and Myra…especially since she’s been returned. She deserves happiness as well.

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