Chapter One Hundred & Six
Cai finally let me go at the revelation unfolding before us and took a step towards her. A turn of events that none of us had expected.

As the initial mate bond moment then finally ran its course, so many emotions flashed across his face. As if you could physically see the different thoughts running through his mind, put on display for everyone in the room.

Confusion, recognition, happiness… and then quickly followed by guilt, shame, and regret.

And, as he finally tore his eyes away to look at me, I immediately knew what he was thinking.

Because I was partly thinking it too.

Of all the people for Cai to be mated to, only Myra could have made us feel so genuinely terrible about what we did. Or, in Cai’s case, significantly worse.

Because I’d slept with my best friend’s mate… and Cai had also slept with the woman who killed her.

This was… messy.

“Myra… I’m so happy to see you,” he said, unable to even meet her eyes.

But the look of hurt on Myra’s face said it all. She didn’t und
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Theresa Setty
Ok well this story line just got BETTER!
goodnovel comment avatar
yuck! Aleric accepted you?! I only read the free chapters and chapter 57 and this last one to confirmed that you die and came back still stupid…and disappointed that Aleric didn’t reject you for what you’ve done…
goodnovel comment avatar
riella uranza
This is a goddamn awesome story to read! I was surprise that it wasn’t like other stories that you can already predict what’s going to happen. And its not also repeating the same thing over over again which i really like! Kuddos author!

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