Epilogue - Book One


'The Devils of the Mist'.

That was what I’d grown up being told, at least.

Unlike any other territory in the country, if not the world, they were regarded as some of the most dangerous people you would ever meet. A force you didn’t want to cross, lest your head be taken in payment of apology.

…And, of all places to find oneself, I had been sent there today.

I’d been eleven years old when the Council of the Silver Mist was first established. Back then, it was completely unheard of for more than one Alpha to control a pack, and yet the council consisted of at least three in their midst; three and a Luna, if you included the second Saintess. A conglomerate of two packs that now held authority over whatever they desired.

But for the past seven years, we’d been taught in our pack that their ways were wrong. That we held traditions with respect for a reason. That no one pack alone should hold so much power over others… and yet they did.

“Marchia,” a voice then said ne
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Comments (12)
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Theresa Setty
Calling them demons and she doesn’t even know them , just wait lol
goodnovel comment avatar
Dawn Rosewood
Nothing is planned as of right now :) that doesn’t mean she won’t ever return though.
goodnovel comment avatar
Autumn Temple
is there going to be more to Marchias story?

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