Book Two - Ch.# 7

Kieran Lycroft… Victor Lycroft, my target’s, very own son.

How had I managed to screw things up this badly? Within twenty-four hours, it felt like my life had gone from being careful, structured… precise, into what I could only describe as complete erratic shambles.

And worse still, it was as if I had no control. Control over my situation, over myself… and *especially* no control when it came to this man, Kieran.

“Unfortunately, my father wasn’t able to make it tonight,” Kieran replied. “He had an important matter come up and sent me in his stead to extend our town’s support.”

I could smell his scent so vividly, the wind now no longer masking it from me. So intoxicating yet inviting… I’d never come across anything like it before.

“A shame. But nevertheless, I’m glad you could join us. I’ve heard that you’ll be taking his place upon his retirement. Is it common to elect representatives based on family in your town?”

Kieran gave a half laugh and looked around for a second, almost
Dawn Rosewood

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