Book Two - Ch.# 8

“Alright, a little game sounds fun,” I finally replied. “But you’ll be disappointed to learn there is no ulterior motive in talking to you. You’ve just piqued my curiosity, is all.”

I tried to laugh it off but Kieran didn’t seem to notice as he immediately set his drink down, his expression turning serious as he looked me over. Almost as if I could feel him scrutinising every little detail about me.

But that confident look of his… It took all I had to just calm my heart down, the nervous thumping inside becoming so loud that I was worried he’d hear it.

For a man who could seemingly read me so well… could he really pull this off?

“Your eyes give you away a lot,” he started, leaning forward enough that I could still hear him as he spoke in a low voice. “Don’t get me wrong, they’re very pretty, but they also betray you.”

At this proximity, his scent was beginning to overwhelm me. His compliment wasn’t helping either. I’d never been affected by small things like that before, but with
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Bonnie Shallenberger
Already so into this book ...️
goodnovel comment avatar
I so thankful that I had a loving dad! Sitting on pins and needles waiting for the next update, lol....
goodnovel comment avatar
You are doing great! Book 1 was awesome but book 2 promises to be even better! I love Raven's character and now Kieran has me intrigued as well. I always do a happy dance when a new chapter is up LOL

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