Book Two - Ch.# 9

“Are you ready to follow the rules now?”

…Rule number one… obedience. Always follow the orders from the boss. No questions asked.

I’d broken that rule. I knew I was breaking it the moment I’d chosen to run that night. I knew it would land me here. And yet I still did it.

I pulled my body upright from the old bed, more sluggish than I would have liked, and hated how I still felt so sore from the injuries inflicted several days earlier.

‘Days’. That was the key word.

That was how long I’d been trapped in here, alone with my thoughts as it forced me to reflect on every decision I’d made leading to this point.

Because, at its core, that was the true punishment.

It wasn’t the pain. No, that was always over quickly. Gavin did a great job of making sure the damage inflicted was swift yet efficient. Always enough to get the point across and never seeming to even flinch as he did what he did.

But it was the psychological punishment that truly made it horrific.


I’d been in her
Dawn Rosewood


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goodnovel comment avatar
I don't think she knows about werewolves :o
goodnovel comment avatar
No she doesn’t, she’s been brought up in the human world
goodnovel comment avatar
Karen Audrey Hood
Thank you. That makes sense.

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