Book Two - Ch.# 15


Through the darkness I heard a voice, piercing through the haze.

It sounded urgent. Someone calling out to me.

“—Raven, shift back.”

Every now and then I would see snippets. Just stilled images flashing before me, showing pictures of a living room. Of a broken table. Of a boy.

It felt somewhat familiar but I couldn’t place it.

“Raven! —Ah, fuck.”

…And pain. So much pain.

The voice continued to call out to me, pleading with me to do something… but I wasn’t ready.

No, instead, I rescinded into my mind further to escape.

To try and forget what was happening.

…To pretend everything was okay.

And so, I hid from it all, blocking out the images and voices. Waiting until, finally, things didn’t hurt so badly.

…Until I was sure the pain had stopped.



“…Raven,” came the voice again.

Only, this time, recognition finally kicked in.


It was Kieran’s voice and… and I’d shifted. Changing into the wolf and…—.

Oh… no, no….

Instantly, my eyes flew open… and I found myself conta
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Comments (9)
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Jacquelyn Hoeve
Could the old woman have been talking about her wolf? Can’t wait for more. Loving the intrigue of the story so far
goodnovel comment avatar
Caroline Davey
I'm wondering if the old woman is actually Aria, that Saline just didn't want to deal with her mouth again and so is letting her live a long time. ...
goodnovel comment avatar
now I remmeber they called aria a saintess because she had the goddess mark when she was brought back to life

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