Book Two - Ch.# 17

“I mean… there is no biological way that Eric Reid could have fathered you.”

I stared at him blankly.

Was this topic really coming up again? He’d already questioned this on the night of the charity event. A presumptuous perspective from someone who didn’t know any better.

…From someone who grew up with real parents.

“Yes… I know,” I said, somewhat annoyed.

But, for whatever reason, this response took Kieran by surprise.

“Wait, you know?” he asked.

“Yes…,” I said again. “I should hope he isn’t. Because if he were my biological father, I’d imagine that would have made our first meeting very awkward. What with him picking me up from the orphanage and all.”

“I don’t understand,” he said. “If you know he’s not your father, why are you being so loyal to him?”

“Why?” I asked, unable to hide my irritation now. “Because he is still my father. He still raised me and took care of me. He rescued me from a shitty house where I was severely bullied, one where I was just another unwanted, unloved si
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Sharni Sharp
Loving this story line. Haven’t seen one like it yet

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