Book Two - Ch.# 19

“KIERAN!” I screamed, throwing the car door open.

After the initial shock of watching the scene unfold, my senses finally kicked back in and I jumped into action. There was no longer any hesitation within me. I just immediately sprinted towards him.

Moving as fast as I could, I was already reaching for my dagger before my feet had hit the ground. And the closer I got, the more of the commotion I could hear.

There was growling, a significant amount, and grunts of pain as the two rolled along the ground engaged in combat. But it was only as Kieran finally placed the man in a headlock that something truly bizarre happened.

Strange enough to make me instantly skid to a halt, now only a few feet away.

…Because despite the attacker being made completely powerless, he just easily gave up the fight without a fuss… and started to laugh.

I stood wide-eyed with adrenaline as I tried to figure out the situation, however Kieran proceeded to just smile and help the assailant to his feet. A man with
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Comments (7)
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Caroline Davey
Ah, of course. I read through Book 1 so fast, so I guess there are a few things I mixed up. Either way, love your book so far and I absolutely love the mystery of it. Just out of curiosity, did you get some inspiration from the Abandoned Empress for book 1? There are some similarities that I liked.
goodnovel comment avatar
Dawn Rosewood
Thanks! Hope you will continue to enjoy :)
goodnovel comment avatar
Dovie Efbabyy
This is my second book and Dawn has not disappointed at all.

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