Book Two - Ch.# 25

Everything moved quickly.

It was as if all the things keeping us apart were now gone, and all that was left was the unsatiated desire that had been left to grow unchecked every day.

And it… was a lot.

A lot of pent-up emotions and yearnings. A lot of needs that were ignored.

But, finally, it was time.

Kieran had one hand pressed into my waist, his other holding my face as our lips moved in sync hungrily against each other. And all the while this was happening, I ran a hand down his chest, clutching at his shirt to bring his body closer. Pulling at him to envelop my entire body.

There was nothing gentle in the way we grabbed at one another. No, it was urgent. Desperate. Almost as if we’d both been starving and there was now only one thing able to satisfy it.

Just… pure instinctual lust. Nothing else.


The word left my lips involuntarily. It was met with a growl of approval from him; the deep sound doing all sorts of inexplicable things to me inside. Already, I could feel that I
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Comments (8)
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Carolyn Corbett
love this chapter wow truly great writing
goodnovel comment avatar
Roxanne Wills
Appreciate your writing Author. Loved the first book, even appreciate the slow and total descent into madness in our heroine that many complained about. But I really appreciate that your sex scenes are hot without being lewd.
goodnovel comment avatar
...️ it, the feeling of that mate bond to someone who nothing of it, was mind blowing. It was beautiful, sexy, thoughtful all while having that insatiable desire.

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