Book Two - Ch.# 29

…I couldn’t believe I was actually thinking of doing this.


I should have already learnt my lesson by now… no, I really shouldn’t be trying to make it stronger. I already knew how dangerous that side of me was. And yet Kieran looked at me with those puppy dog eyes, making it feel impossible to deny him.

…So here I was.

Contemplating doing the very thing I was sure would make him happier than it would make me.

I knew he wanted me to be completely healthy again, to be able to do the things he could do, to try and… fix me. Which wasn’t a bad thing, per se. It was great. It’s just… I wasn’t sure if I was ready for that yet. This wasn’t like asking me something trivial. He was asking me to connect with a beast who had terrorised me for years.

A shiver went through me as I recalled every time it had happened, remembering the blood and bodies. Remembering… the pain. Not even Kieran had been safe last time, it having lashed out at him as well.

“I’ll be right here with you, I promi
Dawn Rosewood

A lot of people ask about my schedule - I've been doing Wednesday, Friday and Sunday nights (Australian time). Usually very late time-wise on those days as I'm a night owl and post before bed. Any significant upcoming delays, I'll try to give a heads up (nothing coming up to my knowledge). Please also keep in mind though that I'm still writing/editing the chapters as I'm publishing them, so please be patient and kind. I'll try to leave a comment on the latest chapter should something go wrong last minute and can't post. Thank you.

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Dovie Efbabyy
Thx Dawn! Writing is amazing!! Can’t wait for the next chapter!!
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William Himmelhaver
great story you have an amazing talent

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