Book Two - Ch.# 31


…Another finger joint. The third now in under five minutes, him still refusing to answer me.

Truthfully, I was a little surprised he was holding out for as long as he was. He was still determined to resist my questioning and refused to cooperate. Was this really the hill he wanted to die on? After everything he’d been working so hard on for at least a decade?

“You know… I’ve been doing a lot of research lately,” I said. “Thanks to you, my health has become a point of focus for me and I’ve actually learnt a lot about our kind’s anatomy.”

And I grabbed another finger, pressing it tightly in a way that conveyed the threat. Just hard enough for a pathetic whimper to leave him.

“Like for example… did you know that our joints heal faster than all other injuries?” I asked. “Faster than cuts, gashes… faster than even bones breaking? It’s something to do with how our joints relate to our ability to shift. They naturally have to heal quicker in order to compensate for that.”

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Loving this story!
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Dawn Rosewood
Wed, fri, Sunday nights Australian time.
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Dawn Rosewood
Hi. I double checked and it still says “ongoing” on the book page. Book 2 is still being updated regularly. Thanks

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