Book Two - Ch.# 32

The time that elapsed after Sterling’s death was intense.

Both internally and externally.

Because the longer that went by, the more I began to wonder what the full implications of my actions would be. Already, my reputation in town had been dubious, being attacked once before for being a ‘Rogue Luna’. So just what would happen this time when word got out that I’d killed the Alpha’s brother?

I could hear Kieran saying something in a hushed voice from outside the room, leaving me to stare at the motionless corpse that may very well be my undoing. It seemed almost poetic that Sterling would find another way to potentially ruin my life, now from beyond the grave. Though I couldn’t blame him for dying. That had been entirely my doing.

In that moment, it had felt as if everything overwhelmed me all at once, vividly imagining what he would be capable of doing should he have been allowed to live. And though morally that wasn’t my decision to make, I couldn’t help but wonder what my life wo
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We are in book 2… anyone found a connection yet??
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Dawn Rosewood
If logging doesn’t help, try clearing cache. Both of these options are found in the Profile tab under “Settings”. Apologises again for the confusion
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Dawn Rosewood
Chapter 33 should now be fixed and only contain Chapter 33 (#32 should now be removed from the beginning). If issue persists and you still see both, try logging out and back in to your GoodNovel app account.

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