Book Two - Ch.# 33

“Two packs aligned under her rule,” Allison continued. “An accumulation of two Alphas, the Saintess and a Luna. Each one more monstrous than the last. A collection that broke our sacred traditions, and dealt with those who would not join them via irrefutable orders… and death.”

She then pointed to another painting of four people; the Saintess with her silver hair and violet eyes, and a fearsome-looking male next to her with black hair and green eyes. Then a male with dark brown hair and molten gold eyes… and a girl who seemed depicted as an angel with shadow-like wings. Her brunette hair willowed in the wind as her eyes shone like sapphires.

“Their spawn continued their legacy, but it wasn’t until the Saintess’ death that a revolution was finally able to begin. A revolt against their rule and one to reinstate the ways of old. A war that lasted nearly fifty years. The Great Silver War.”

“…Was this the same war that the suppressors were designed for?” I asked.

She looked at me in sur
Dawn Rosewood

I don't normally like to explain plot, but seems like there was a lot of negative confusion after the last chapter's plot twist. (Read ahead only if needed): I think rereading Book 1's Epilogue might help those who have forgotten the state of the world during Aria's reign (The Council of the Silver Mist). Rumours and half-truths were dangerous weapons in opposition to her, especially for those who refused to accept the positive changes she was making. 100 years later and we see the results of that. This concept will be important to grasp for the sequel's plot, particularly as the mysteries continue to be unravelled.

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