Book Two - Ch.# 38

Two months had gone by since my escape from Ashwood.

The day still haunted me whenever I thought about it, remembering the faces of loathing, remembering the fear and confusion… remembering the pain of leaving Kieran.

It was that pain which was still the hardest to deal with, like an aching that never left me. A constant thorn in my side to remind me how we couldn’t be together… and it wasn’t just thoughts either.

With the suppressors assumedly now completely worn off, for the first time I was experiencing living with what I imagined our entire species did; feelings that belonged to a creature inside you. Every single day it was like I could feel its pain crying for Kieran, whimpering internally as if I’d amputated its arm off. It was exhausting… and it only made it more difficult.

Sometimes, in my darkest hours, I contemplated taking the suppressors again. There had been one bottle left behind which now stood atop my bedroom dresser, staring at me with the promise of making the wo
Dawn Rosewood

Thank you again everyone for the patience and supportive messages last chapter. I really do appreciate it and it helped tremendously during what was a very difficult week.

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Dovie Efbabyy
Thank You Dawn for the chapter! We definitely understand-Life happens and I’m here patiently waiting whenever you can bless us with an update!!! Keeping you and your family in my prayers ! I hope all is well with y’all!!
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Dawn Rosewood
Thanks everyone :)
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I hope you know how much we admire your writing and creativity! You provide us with a wonderful escape. Make sure you are getting yours too! ...

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