Book Two - Ch.# 40

The possibility of having family still alive felt a little too good to be true, though it was hard to disregard what the lady was saying. A lot of time had passed since I was a child, yet there was potentially someone out there claiming to be related to me, to be from the same pack I apparently once belonged to.

‘Claiming’ being the keyword.

It would be naïve to completely believe it so easily. I’d already been burnt by Ashwood for trusting too much and I didn’t wish to repeat this.

But if she *was* my family… could that maybe mean…?

“Be careful, Rheyna,” the lady added in my silence. “I can see you’re eager to find whoever this is but… I wouldn’t get your hopes up. Even putting aside her inability to provide documents, she was also vague on *how* she was related to you, something that seemed a little strange. I know you might wish her to be your mother, but there wasn’t much resemblance between the two of you.”

She pointed out the same concerns I’d already thought of, killing the sma
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Carolyn Corbett
of all people to be related to I hope Rae finds joy and happiness here.
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Jacquelyn Hoeve
Holy shit, Myra is alive!
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Melanie Verstraete
Thank you!

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