Book Two - Ch.# 45

I was a devil.

Never before in my life had I felt those words to be truer than in this moment. This very second as I stood above the bodies of several enemies as they bled out around me. Nothing but rage and pain consumed me inside, feeling absolutely no remorse as I had ripped them to shreds.

From one person to the next, I had methodically ended each of them, an incredible speed in my movement as if I were maneuvering purely by muscle memory alone. Not that I had really needed to act so quickly. Because the entire time I had attacked, they had just stood there completely still, awaiting their turn. Like lambs to the slaughter, unable to move even an inch… just as I had told them to. Only a flash of fear in their eyes betrayed them as I stole their last moments.

Now, I breathed heavily, still shaking from the ordeal… still completely in human form, yet feeling as if I’d had no control over myself…. Nor had I wanted it.

No… I might have moved without being fully aware of my actions… bu
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Faith Fanxy
My thoughts too
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Dawn Rosewood
As stated previously, I post on wed, fri and Sunday NIGHTS my time in Australia. I’m not American. As I write this comment, it’s currently early afternoon. Chapter will be in the next 4-10hours depending on editing requirements.
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Depends on where you are. She said it was Sunday Wednesday Friday and here in mid US it ends up being like really early on the morning of. Sometimes later. Depends on when it drops her time.

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