Arcade Appointment

The five of us started carrying the boxes upstairs, except for Jun, whose room was right next to the entrance. Since the building had the same layout, it used to be Sanae's and Risa's dance studio in HQ before the remodeling.

Aki's and I's room—the master bedroom—was the current dance studio in HQ, which used to be Sanae's and Risa's room. Umi's was the gym, and Tomokazu's was the recording studio.

We kept bumping each other as we carried the boxes. Luckily, there were no major accidents.

Eventually, only two boxes remained. I took one, while Aki took the other. I put it down on the floor of our room. Even though there were dozens of boxes in it, there still was a lot of space.

"It's quite big, huh?" I said to Aki when she entered the room.

"It might be big, but our apartments had a kitchen, a bathroom, and a laundry room each. Now, we have to share one kitchen, one laundry room, and two bathrooms between five people."

She pushed the box she was holding onto my chest, pushing me
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