"It sounds good enough, but are you sure this is the quality you want for an album?" Aeryx asked Miki.

The girls, Ms. Yoshida, Aya, and I stared at Miki, whose jaw dropped but no words came out. Even though she didn't mean to, Aeryx's menacing glare was the most threatening gaze that had been laid upon me, so I understood Miki's fear. To my surprise, he was able to recover before I had to intervene.

"What do you mean by that?" asked Miki.

"Exactly that," answered Aeryx. "The sound is good, but I'm suggesting you should buy better equipment now that your popularity is growing exponentially. It's alright if you can't afford it, though."

I looked at Aya, expecting some kind of magical solution, but she merely looked back at me. Obviously, it was something I had to decid

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