Blostars Assemble

Another day began at HQ when Butcher received Aki and me at the entrance. Even though five of us lived under the same roof now, it wasn't necessary for us to leave and arrive together.

Before Aki could kiss me, I kissed her on the cheek first. She seemed surprised the first time I did it, but she quickly grew used to it. A broad smile spread from cheek to cheek on her face as she walked upstairs, and so did my lips while I headed to the office.

Aya, Tomokazu, and I greeted each other as I walked through the room to sit at my desk. Just like the last several days, I had to work on making sure the tour would not fall apart before it could even begin, and keep it like that for almost three months.

Nothing could've prepared me for the number of details and people I needed to be aware of. Even with Aya's and Tomokazu'

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