Aphonic Surprise I

Tomokazu and I woke up with the same alarm as we shared the hotel room for the night. Since we were going to give a concert for the second day in a row in the same venue, it was better to have a comfortable sleep at a proper lodging instead of being cramped on a bus.

As usual, Tomokazu let me use the bathroom first. However, I received a message from Astra while brushing my teeth, asking me to come to her and Risa's room as soon as possible. She had never done that before, so I rushed to brush my teeth and stepped out of the bathroom without showering.

"Is something the matter?" Tomokazu asked me with a raspy voice, knowing I usually took more time in the bathroom.

I put my toothbrush and my toothpaste in my backpack before answering.

"Astra asked me to go to her and

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