The mermaid survived


(A maid to a celebrity)


THEME: The mermaid survived




Adella opened her eyes slowly observing the surrounding through her blurred vision from waking up. "Where am I? What’s going on?” She thought as her vision became clearer.

Adella turned her head towards the beeping sound of the machine next to the bed. "How did I get here?" She asked herself.

Minutes later the door opened and Oliver Scott walked in with a nurse behind him. Adella looked up at them, her eyes widened in surprise and shock when Oliver opened his eyes full and her breathe caught! Then she stared intensely at him while a smile played on his lips. Adella's eyes did a slow crawl on Oliver’s his lips that was full and plump, his hair fell on his eyes and she figured that he didn't have a tail but legs!

She gasped as realization hit her. "I am in the human world!" She screamed out suddenly, placing her hand over her mouth.

Adella’s lower abdomen clenched at the vivid memories of how everything had happened and she shivered.


Adella was weak, she had refused to eat and the concoction Abijam  gave her had affected her. Her entire world was upside down as she couldn't cast a spell to free herself.  She could feel that her body was shutting down rapidly, her eyes closed slightly but she blinked severally. No! She didn't want to die! Then Adella began to sing the song she sang on her birthday in her mind. She pleaded with the sea to grant her wish.

At the same hour she had said the wish seven days ago, suddenly her tail became translucent.  Adella felt the emptiness and her eyes opened, her eyes widened when she saw that her body was different. It was more transparent! She couldn't make out what was happening to her and she wanted to scream for help but her mouth was sealed

Minutes clicked by and then Oceanus, Alana, Aztec, Arran and Azizi came into her room to see her and their jaws dropped when they saw Adella’s features. She was extremely translucent. Alana rushed to her child trying to reach out to her but she couldn't feel Adella.

“Adella, can you hear me?" Alana asked with a worry in her wide eye.

All Adella could do was nod, Arran went to her and unbind the tools. "What did you do to yourself?!" Oceanus questioned in a high tone.

Adella opened her mouth to speak but her voice failed her, she was confused. "Get Abijam!" Oceanus ordered no one in particular but Arran rushed out of the room.

"How did you become like this?" Alana asked but no response came from Adella.

“You can hear us right?” Azizi asked.

Adella nodded again and they were stunned at her appearance.  "Don't leave me Adella, I am so sorry for hitting you and I promise you that you won't get married to someone you don't love. Please take back your wish." Alana pleaded.

"Mother relax..Adella-" Morrissey was interrupted.

"Please stay with me." Alana sobbed.

"What is happening to me?" Adella asked but since they couldn't hear her, so she got no response. Adella made an attempt to touch her mother's cheeks to wipe her tears but she couldn't feel anything. She was transparent! Abijam jaw dropped completely when his gaze fell on her, he was stunned! All his years as a sea wizard he had never seen a translucent mermaid, it was like she was a spirit mermaid.

"Abijam do something!" Oceanus ordered.

The sea wizard tried several spells to revive Adella but nothing worked. He only realized that the special mermaid was leaving the underworld.

"What is going on?" Oceanus asked.

"Lord Oceanus, I am as confused as you are now.” Abijam mumbled with confusion on his expression

"Confused?" Alana cried.

"Yes it seems the sea has finally granted the princess wish.” Abijam said.

Adella gestured to her family to help her out but they all stayed on a spot stunned by her new appearance.

“The princess will leave our world soon.” Abijam added.

 Alana cried out. Now Adella couldn't make out what the sea wizard was saying to her family anymore.

" gave her concoction.” Azizi said, their words fading in Adella’s ears.

"Yes my princes, but the concoction was to weaken her so she could stay a bit longer and that’s why she lasted seven days.” He explained how the concoction worked.

"What?!...So are you saying Adella is going to the human world?!" Murron snarled.

"Forgive me my prince.” Abijam bowed in respect.

"" Alana said unsteadily when she noticed Adella's disappearance from her tail.  "Please don't leave me, Oceanus.” She begged tearfully.

Alana couldn't stop her child, they watched as Adella disappeared to the unknown world leaving just her sea-bud crown behind on her bed.

"No!!" Alana screamed while Murron held her tightly. “My child!” She cried. They were all heartbroken! "Abijam bring my..child back.” Alana held on to the sea wizard.

“I am sorry my queen.” Abijam kept on apologizing  to the queen.

"She is a little child, Oceana can't survive in that world..that wicked human world." Oceanus said.

"Please bring my child back, Abijam." Alana pleaded in tears.

"I am sorry queen Alana, there is nothing I can do to bring her back. All we have to do is give her our blessings and ask the sea to protect her in that world. She may never return back to our world.” The sea wizard said sincerely.

And on hearing the sea wizard’s words, queen Alana fainted. "Mother! Wake up!”  The princes rushed to their mother and she was taken to her chambers.

Adella was gone, the special mermaid left the under world to experience human life.

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