Signing a deal


THEME: Signing a deal

      THE MARTIN EMPIRE : Mrs Elaina Martins Office

Mrs Elaina Martins couldn't take her eyes off the document on her desk. She leaned forward to look at the resume on it. No doubt Knox won't object to this idea.

"I am pretty sure he will convince her to work for him or even be a model at his agency." Mrs Elaina thought deeply.

The chairlady was stunned out of thought when she heard a sharp knock on the door. "Come in," Mrs Elaina said and her secretary walked in.

"I am sorry to interrupt you ma'am but a young woman is here to see you." Tracy said.

"What's her name?" Mrs Elaina asked.

"She is here for an interview. Her name is Eretia -"

"Eretia Jones." Mrs Elaina completed.

"Yes Ma'am." Tracy n

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