Chapter 3

Reid's POV

The party is actually going great. The place is packed, there's so many people here it's kinda ridiculous.

We have people from Alpha Michael's pack and Alpha Asher's pack. They are both good friends of my father and allies of ours. They also border our territory.

There's also a couple Alphas from different packs here too.

I kept walking around trying to see if I smelled or sensed my mate anywhere. But just like I expected, I didn't. Out of all the people here today not one of them is my mate.

I decided to go grab a drink so I  head over toward the drink table. As I was waiting for my drink I felt someone's hand rub across my neck. Instantly giving me goosebumps, and not the good kind.

I growled without looking back.

"Is that the way you greet all your guests?" I hear him say in a seductive voice. His mouth so close to my ear I could feel his hot breath fan my neck.

"I suggest backing the fucking up if you don't want me to rip your head off!"

I say through gritted teeth to the disgusting piece of shit behind me.

"Oh come on now." He says as he slides his hand down my back. I reach back grabbing his hand just before it reaches my ass.

I squeeze his wrist hard as I turn to face him, pushing his hand away roughly.

"Touch me again...I fucking dare you!" I say my voice so low, filled with so much anger. I push my Alpha Aura out but unfortunately it doesn't work on this piece of shit.

He's a hybrid and I'm not officially the Alpha yet. My Alpha aura isn't strong enough to work on him yet until I take the alpha title tonight.

He smirks at me knowing what I just tried to do.

"Tisk tisk." He says shaking his finger side to side.

"Now you know that doesn't work on me. Why even try." He says with a disgusting grin on his face.

I grabbed my drink then walked around him trying to get as far away from his disgusting ass as possible.

I sat down on one of the logs near the fire pit and took a chug of my drink.

"Doesn't seem like you like hybrids too much."

I hear an unfamiliar voice say as he sits down next to me. I instantly recognize he's an alpha by the aura coming off of him.

"Not one bit!" I say in a monotone voice.

"Oh really." He says raising an eyebrow.

"Well then what's one doing here if you don't like them."

"One of my brothers stupid friends. I can't stand the disgusting bastard.

If my dad wouldn't be angry I'd rip his head off along with every other hybrids."

I say to the stranger.

"My name is Ace." He says extending his hand toward me.

"Reid."I say shaking his hand.

"Ah, the soon-to-be Alpha tonight huh." He says with a smile.

"Well Reid, I have a feeling you and I are going to be good friends." He says with a smile.

"Yeah and why is that?"

"Well, you see it sounds like we both have something in common... We both dislike hybrids."

"Really?" I say raising an eyebrow at him.

"I've been catching them for years now." He goes on to say.

"I actually have cells full of them down in the dungeon at my place."

My interest peaks at this. I think he notices and smiles.

"Any chance you'd let me see them?"

"Why would you like to see them?"

"I've been trying to find the one who killed my best friend 4 years ago. I was wondering if maybe one of the ones you have could be the hybrid responsible for it"

"And let's just say one of them turns out to be the one... What then?" He asked.

"Well I'm hoping you'd let me kill it."

I say looking at him, showing him I'm serious.

A smile spreads across his face.

"Well in that case yes! You can come take a look and see if any of them are the one. If it turns out you find the one your looking for, I'll let you kill it."

I feel a smile spread across my face as excitement fills me.

I've been waiting for the day I can find the person responsible for the death of my best friend. I want to rip that hybrid apart, piece by piece.

"How about tomorrow?" He says standing up.

"Tomorrow will be great!" I say standing up as well.

"Well then, I'll send my Beta over to give you the information you'll need to find me. It was a pleasure meeting you."

He says shaking my hand again.

"It was a pleasure meeting you too."

I head over toward my cousin Damien. My aunt Abigail had him a year after I was born so he's a year younger than me.

He's also going to become my Beta tonight which is why I want to talk to him. I want him to go with me tomorrow to find out if one of these hybrids is the one that killed my best friend.

Abigail didn't pass down her abilities to her son like my dad did for me and my siblings. We're not sure if she's even able to since her and Xander only had one kid.

Damien sees me approaching and smiles his big goofy grin. He has the same goofy grin as his dad. And unfortunately they both passed down their personality to him.

I love the guy but he can be annoying just like Xander. I think to myself chuckling.

"Hey man just the person I'm looking for." He says.

"Your father says it's time to get ready for the big transfer of power.

Ready to become Alpha?"

He says as we walk toward the stage.

"I was born ready!" I say smiling at him.

As I approached the stage I see Xander grab the microphone. He gets everyone's attention then pauses for a moment. I give Damien a sideward glance and he smiles at me before we hear his father say,

"Hey guys did you hear about the restaurant on the moon? Great food, but no atmosphere!

Get it no atmosphere!"

He says laughing at his own dumb joke I look over at Damien and he's chuckling. Oh my Goddess these two are definitely father and son I think to myself.

"Hey, how does Moses Brew his coffee? Hebrew it!" I hear Damien bust out laughing at that one and I look at him like he's crazy.

"Why did th-...Hey! Xander yells as my father Yanks the microphone out of his hand glaring at him.

"I wasn't done!... I was just getting to the good one's." Xander said pouting as he walked away.

I shook my head and continued walking to the stage. You'd think my father would have learned by now not to let Xander take control of a microphone..... Like ever!

"Good evening Midnight Moon pack!" My father yells.

"Thank you everyone who came here to the Midnight Moon pack to help us celebrate my son becoming Alpha today." My father said as he began his speech.

"It's been a long journey for me! I've been an alpha now for 31 years. I took over when my father passed away when I was 17.

And today my son turns 21. I wanted him to take over at 18 but he felt he wasn't ready and wanted to go away for Alpha training, which he did. He spent two years there and now he's back and he's ready to take over. I'm very proud of the man that he's become, so without further Ado, son..."

My father said turning to me and waving me up to the stage.

I looked at my father and I've gotta say, I love werewolf genes, he hasn't aged a day I swear since he was 27. They all still look the same.

I smile at my father as I approach him. I stopped just in front of him and kneel. He holds his hand out and I place my hand in his palm up.

"Reid Anderson, son of I, Thaddeus Anderson Alpha of the Midnight Moon pack."

My father says as he begins the ceremony

"Do you accept the responsibilities of being the Alpha to the Midnight Moon pack?"

"Yes, I do except the responsibilities of being the Alpha to the Midnight Moon pack."  I said.

"Do you pledge your loyalty to the midnight moon pack?"

"Yes, I pledge my loyalty to the midnight moon pack."

"Do you pledge to take care of the people of the Midnight Moon pack and to do everything you can to keep them safe, even if that means giving your own life for them?"

"Yes, I pledged to take care of the people of the Midnight Moon pack. I pledge to do everything I can to keep them safe even if it means giving my own life for them."

I feel as my father slices my hand with his claw before slicing his own hand.

I watch as he places our palms together.

I Thaddeus Anderson now transfer the power of alpha over to my son, Reid Anderson.

I take a sharp breath in and shiver as I feel the transfer of the Alpha power flow from my father's blood into me as I look into my father's eyes.

I watch as my father's eyes glow a bright gold color of his wolf and feel mine glowing as well.

I hear gasp throughout the pack as they feel the transfer as well.

I let out shaky breath as a tear falls for my father's eyes.

My father smiles as he pulls me off my knees and pulling me into a hug. He wraps his arms around me squeezing me tight.

"I'm so proud of you son!" He says with his mouth pressed into the side of my head before kissing my head.

I smile at him, "thank you Father."

My father turns to the crowd.

"Everyone, I give you your new Alpha!" He says as loud as he can while holding my hand in the air.

"Alpha Reid Anderson of the Midnight Moon pack!" he yells.

The crowd screams and cheers. My father leans his head back and howls into the sky and I follow his actions doing the same.

Every member of the Midnight Moon pack joins us as we howl into the sky.

After my ceremony, Damien had his ceremony. My uncle who's also Damien's father stepped down and transferred the title of Beta onto his son, Damien.

Abigail Phillips


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I’m so glad there’s a carry on from their father’s stories…I enjoyed their father’s stories

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