27. When We're Alone

The next day, Renesmee Fuentes quietly sat on her seat near the window and gaze beneath the school ground, observing the other students strolling on the fields whilst some had their bondings with their friends. Rumors and gossips began to spread on the entire school campus and the workers are afraid, she put on her earphone and her dazzling earrings which are golden coated had their perfect show off, upon deciding to listen to certain songs she mostly likes to hear, she often reason it out as a nice thing to do whenever she appears to be avoiding all the murmurs which surrounded her.

She took a glimpse on her stainless steel silver crystal watch and looked at the time, "Perhaps I won't be attending my work this lunchtime, I'll do it in the evening." She mumbled and took a notebook from her bag.

She springs to write something into her notes and reads it right after. Unable to focus, she erases her writing jot and jots down all the ideas that keep on bothering her. As her hand guides
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