31. Stolen Kisses

Twilight is approaching and the two hired killers were sitting comfortably on the sofa as they waited for their master to let go of his final word. The cool wind dashes onto the deep curtains which framed the windows and drops of mist from the outside gradually had their nice rhythm as it fell through the roof. Both of them remained quiet as if they didn't know each other.

On their moment of waiting, a woman from their team walks about the living room and pauses momentarily as soon as she beholds the two people. She glanced at them and greeted them, saying, "Have a good night, mates." Maxwell Ross lightly nodded as his response while Kendall Von stared back at the lady.

"What time is it?" Kendall spoke and leaned her back on the couch, she felt exhausted already. She never expected to have time with Ross seeing that their schedule for their task would be done the other week.

"You should buy another watch," she heard Maxwell retort and she rolled her eyes due to annoyance.

'What a ti
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