New Home


"How was school today?" Mum asked, she was looking at me expectantly.

Images of everything that happened flashed through my mind repeatedly.

"Fine mum." I replied, sulking. I hate it when I lie to her, it makes me feel bad. But mum already has a lot to bare now, I don't want to add more to the burdens on her shoulders.

It wasn't easy getting this job, though I don't want her doing this job. But it is the only way we can survive. We at least get to eat free food, even though they were mostly left overs. I don't mind. We were given a room in the mansion, not even in the maids quarters.

Mum said we were lucky, but I really don't see any luck in her working as a maid for a rich obnoxious family. I hated the fact that she has to clean up the house after them and also cook for them.

"Hope you made new friends?" Mum asked, watching me carefully. I forced a smile, trying to hide the fear I have been feeling since I got home.

"Yes,"I replied. At least I made a friend, Taylor was my friend now I guess.

"You need to meet Mrs Andrews, she really wants to see you." Mum gushed. I scrowled, I couldn't help but wonder why the lady of the house wants to see me.

"Don't give me that look, she is a nice person and you are going to love her." She added, holding my hands.

"I think she wants you to meet her son, some little Introduction is bound to happen." Mum said smiling, she began to wiggle her brows at me.

"Mum!" I exclaimed loudly.

"Stop it,"

"You can't blame me, I heard he is a little good looking. A drop dead gorgeous." She replied.

"Mum!" I exclaimed again.

"Okay, okay. My mouth is sealed. I won't say anything else again. I won't mention the fact that he is your age mate and he is...."

"Mum!" I exclaimed loudly, stomping my feet against the floor.

"Even if he is good looking and hot. Let's not forget we are lacking and they are not. You know how rich kids are and how they treat us like dirt's. It is still going to be the same, things are not going to change. He is not going to be interested in someone like me." I shouted.

"Because I am not in their league." I whispered softly.

"Mary," my mum said hugging me.

"Did something happen in school that you are not telling me?" She asked, rubbing my back.

"No mum," I whispered softly.

"Mum, do you think we can leave Beverly Dale?" I asked, hoping for a positive answer.

"What makes you ask that." She replied, chuckling.

"This is our new home Mary, we have come here to stay." She added.

I blinked my eyes, trying to push back the tears that threatened to fall. I won't let them ruin me. I am going to make sure I survive senior year, get good grades, graduate and go to college.


Mum insisted I helped her prepare dinner for the Andrews, I could not refuse her. And here I am slicing onions on the kitchen counter, my eyes were burning and the sensations was making my eyes teary but I persevered.

The kitchen was huge and luxurious, the aesthetic design was special. The structure was amazing, the design shows the designer paid a great attention to it, the counters, cabinetry and the flooring was perfect.

It wasn't cramped up, it was spacious and has all the needed appliances, even a kitchen island. The gold texture wall added more to its beauty. The lightning stands out, catching the attention of anyone who steps into the kitchen. Everything was of high quality.

"Do you need help?" Mum asked over her shoulders.

"No, I am almost done already." I replied, cutting the last one on the chopping board before I began to slice it. I was bothered about the threat I got in school.

"Be careful, don't hurt your finger." She whispered.

I nodded my head as if she could see me.

Mum said Mr Andrews likes onions in his food, but Mrs Andrews doesn't. So she has to make Mr Andrews food separate and that was an additional work for her.

I sighed heavily, knowing this is what she would be going through everyday made me feel sad.

"You don't have to worry, I will be fine. It is not hard to manage."  She said, as if she read my mind.

"Mum, are you sure?" I asked worriedly.

"I have no other choice, I told Mrs Andrews I could handle everything and I believe I can." She replied.

"Mum," I whisper.

"We need the money, Mary. You know it. You are not a child, you know how this job is important to me. We have debts, and we also have to survive." She said, raising her voice a little bit higher.

I kept mute as we continued trying to get everything done before the time for dinner.


It took us hours of strenuous tasks, going downstairs to the food store and back upstairs to the kitchen to continue cooking before we were finally done.

Mum told me to wait, while she went to set the dinning table.

"Mum." I called out as she stepped back inside the kitchen.

"No questions now Mary, let's get this all done for now."

"Please," she whispered.

I sighed heavily, tied my apron tightly. I lifted the tray of food into my hands and followed my mum out.

The smell of the fried rice, grilled chicken and salad. The potatoes, meatballs and pasta filled the air as I walked. I followed mum, carefully placing my feets one after the other like the cautious centipede.

We both stepped into a large room with a square faced table at the center of the room, a burgundy coloured table cloth was draped over it, making it look more presentable.  A golden chandelier hanged low on the ceiling, adding beauty to its appearance.

My feet sank into the rug as I stepped on it. The room was neutral, the wallpaper was of a neutral colour.

Six chairs surrounded the table, a plate was in front of each chairs. Forks were placed at the left of each plates, while knifes and Spoons were placed at the right hand.

Three of the chairs were occupied, I didn't dare look at their faces. Mum collected the huge tray from my hands, whispering a 'thank you' to me. I turned back to leave, staying a minute in here might make me throw up. I wasn't a bit comfortable.

"Anna is that your daughter?" A feminine voice asked my mum, I halted immediately.

"Yes ma'am," I heard my mum reply.

"Mary," my mum called out.

"Come over here."

I bowed my head as I walked back to the table.

"Mary, what a beautiful name." I heard the woman say.

"Hi Mary." A tiny voice said beside me. I looked towards the direction to find a little girl, a very cute one with a black hair hair like mine, her eyes were blue. Something about her smile made my heart melt.

"Hello," I whispered back, waving at her.

"My name is Olivia, but you can call me Liv. I am seven years old." She replied, giving me a wild smile that made me notice two teeths were missing from her upper teeths.

"You are still six Olivia."a deep masculine voice said.

"But I will be seven in a few months dad." She replied, crossing her little arms around her chest.

"You have to wait till then before you start claiming it." Mr Andrews said.

Mr Andrews wasn't what I expected him to look like, he wasn't baldheaded with a potbelly stomach. He was good looking, tall and has a black hair, his muscular build made it obvious he was a man that works out a lot, he ignored mum and I like we didn't exist.

His wife, Mrs Andrews wasn't bad looking either. Her red hair was packed in a ponytail, and her pointed nose compliments her slender face. She was wearing a matched T-shirt with her husband with the inscriptions 'Andrews foundation'

"Mum, can I order pizza? This food sucks, seems like we need to hire a new cook. I might fall sick if I eat more of this." A girl sitting opposite Olivia said, she got up from her seat and walked out.

That was plainly rude, mum and I went through a lot to prepare these food and she is saying it sucks.

"I am sorry about that, pardon me for her manners." Mrs Andrews said apologetically.

"Jessie is a picky eater, she has taste, I mean her taste buds is kind of.... Hope you get what I am trying to say?" She added.

"I like the food mummy, it is tasty." Olivia said, smiling.

I smiled back at her, at least someone here appreciates our efforts.

"Mary you are a senior in Beverly Dale high right, you should be in the same class with my son."

"You should have met him." She added.

I didn't care about her son or anything else. I just wanted to leave here and get back to the comfort of my room.

"If you need anything Mary, you can come to me. Feel free to ask me anything you might need. I am here for you." She said, I nodded my head in response.

I just have a feeling she was pretending to be nice. Mum said I was going to like her but I don't.

"Mum please can Mary help me with my homework?" Olivia asked, giving me a puppy look.

"I can't wait for big brother to be back, I will rather let Mary help me with it. Pretty please with a cherry on top." She nagged.

"Sure, if she wants to." Mrs Andrews replied.

Olivia turned to me, giving me the puppy look.

"Okay," I replied, turning to my mum who gave me an encouraging smile.

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