He hates me


School scares me, Beverly Dale high scares me. I sank my teeth to my lips as I walked towards my locker. I could hear the whispers, my ear seems to have gotten used to them.  

I was wearing a palazzo pants and a off shoulder red top to match the black pants. It was new, not really new cause we got it from a thrift store. Mum insisted I wore them today.  

Taylor was standing right in front of my locker.


"Good morning," she whispered, immediately she sighted me. 

"Hey, Taylor." I whispered softly, hugging her.


"I was waiting for you, so we could go to class together." She whispered again. I wanted to ask her why she was whispering, but I decided not to.  

To be honest, I was damn scared. Like really scared, the insults that were being thrown at us was not making things easier. 

"She is still here?" Someone said, pointing at me obviously. 

"Has she not realized she is digging her own grave. The queen and King doesn't want her here and she is still adamant." Another voice said. 

"What do you expect from a loser."  

"She might enjoy free things a lot, look at her wanting a free education." 

"She must have been enjoying dicks too, maybe getting paid after being fucked. Losers do anything for money."


"I feel so much pity for her. We all know Hawk Andrews. Her life is going to be a living hell." 

Those voices were provoking me, I felt like screaming. I wanted to make it stop, but I could not.  

"Please, make it stop." I whimpered.  

"Please... Please." 

"Oh my goodness." Taylor whispered, as she pulled me away hurriedly. 

"I'm sorry about that." 

"I told you all this was going to happen if you talked to me, this is all my fault." Taylor whispered softly. 

"I am a scholarship student." I whispered back, trying to make her feel better.  

She stared at me, with her eyes opened. 

"You are not going to last here, Mary. This has always been happening. Every scholarship student don't last a month here." 

"They get tortured, tormented and the bullying is going to get worst. You won't be ever accepted."  

"The queen bees won't let you breathe and Hawk...." She drawled out, face palming.

"You don't want to mess with Hawk, he is evil, I get he's good looking and yummy. But he is a monster in a sexy body." She rushed out. 

"I will survive, I will try to survive this. I just can't leave, Taylor." I replied. 

"I wish I could, but I can't." I added. 

"Hawk is worst than Jeremy, he is dark minded. I don't know how to explain this, but I think Hawk is fucked up in so many ways Mary. I've see him bully people and it never ends well." 

"He is going to ruin you." She whispered the last part. The sound of the bell for the first period cut off our discussion. 

"We need to get to class." She whispered. I nodded my head, following her behind. 

Her words kept echoing in my head. 'He is going to ruin you' 

We joined the moving crowds, blending in with them. 

"What's on your timetable for first period?" Taylor asked, playing with her fingers. 

"Literature." I whispered back.  

"Oh, mine is History. But I will show you to your class. Follow me." 

I followed her quietly, I was still scared. It was like a monster would come out from nowhere to eat my brain or something.  

"Here you go," she said, pointing to a class with opened doors. 

"Be careful." She whispered, hurrying away. 

I inhaled a deep breath as I walked towards the class. Cool air from the air unit caressed my cheeks. My hands began to shake as all eyes focused on me as I stepped in.  

"What is that?" I heard a male voice ask.  

"Trash," someone else replied. I sank my teeth into my lips, trying to ignore the eyes that were burning holes into my body.  

"Scholarship student," someone called behind me. 

"There is a sit right here,"  

"Thank you," I muttered. I was about to turn around, but I landed face down. Loud laughter erupted, their taunts and laughter filled the air. I got up immediately, limping. It was like I just strained my knee. I felt like crying, I was so embarrassed.  

I looked down to find the cause of my fall, I wasn't sure if it was my untied shoe lace or the long legs of a boy smiling weirdly at me. 

"What a loser." Someone said out loud. 

"I know right," another person replied.  

I slouched my shoulders, playing with my fingers as I walked towards the two empty sits that was pointed to me. These empty sits were the only ones in the classroom, I didn't like the fact that it was at the back, neither do I like the fact that it was a joined sit, and it was meant for two, same with every other chair.  

One thing I noticed was that everyone kept quiet as I sat down. I was relieved they all kept quiet. I basked in the solitude for the time period. I placed my head on the table, shutting my eyes, shutting everything out, till I felt alone. I breathed a sigh of relief.  

A tap on my shoulder made me raise my head up, I raised my head up gently. I couldn't find who tapped me. But what I saw made me rub my eyes twice. 

I blinked my eyes repeatedly, trying to make sure I washed seeing things. 

"What the fuck are you doing in my seat?" He growled out, I couldn't find the right words to say. Staring into his dark eyes made the hair on my nape stand.  

He was closer now, I couldn't help but notice his red plump lips. His mouth was in a snarl. He was angry and I could imagine smoke coming out of his head. 

"I'm sorry," I whispered, looking around for help. But everyone pretended they were not watching, but they obviously knew this was going to happen. It was a planned work. They all knew I was going to be fucked up, that was why they wanted me on these seat.  

He suddenly grabbed me by my collar, pulling me out of his seat. His hands tightened around my neck, he held tightly on to it.  

"What did I tell you?" He asked, his eyes boring into mine, a hot splashy tears trailed down my cheeks to his hands. 

"I am so sorry," I begged. 

"I made it clear to you, but seems like you don't heed to commands, I will definitely have to change that about you." He growled. 

"What is happening here?" A deep male voice boomerang through the class, his hold on me relaxed and he stepped back.  

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Damn it this has the potential to be an amazing book, but author you need an editor ASAP.

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