Hateful Tears

Mary Davies

The last person I was expecting to see was Hawk Andrews.

"I didn't know you steal." He said, smirking. He began to walk closer to where I was standing. The Apple fell down from my hands and rolled to the floor.

I felt guilty, I shouldn't have come here at the first instance.

"I don't steal," I whispered.

He began to chuckle, I looked down. I felt embarrassed, my mum was going to feel bad her daughter was accused of stealing Apples.

"Then explain what you were doing with the Apples, or were you about to wash them?"

I inhaled a sharp breath.

"Please, don't tell anyone. Not even my mum." I pleaded.

"And why should I do that?"

"Please." I begged.

"Okay," he replied smiling.

"Thank you. Thank you so much." I said in relief.

"On one condition though. You come to my room tonight."


I felt so stupid for stealing the Apples, I was foolish and I knew it. I immediately regretted sneaking out of the room as I opened the door to his room, he even left it open for me.
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Love it though
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Shantel Carolus
it's very enjoyable
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I'm glad to hear this. Thanks for reading.

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