An Outcast

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Mary Davies

I walked into the cafeteria, it was noisy as usual. At the back of the cafeteria is where people like me sit, it was tagged the losers table. A. K. A the nerds table. At right side is the cheerleaders table, it consists of the school's queen bees and the school's rich kids. Opposite the table we have the gangsters, each of them is said to belong to a particular bikers club, some of them are secret drug addicts and gamblers.

At the left side, we have the four tables belonging to the jocks. The school's athletes; Football, basketball, wrestling, archery, swimming and so many others. We have the tech savvies, wing men, teachers pets, dorks and mean girls filling other places.

I inhaled a deep breath, praying and hoping I don't get noticed. I didn't want to come here. But Principal prescott saw me staying alone in the class and he made me come to the cafeteria.

Suddenly, I felt eyes o
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Natasha Lyons
can't wait to read more! your an amazing writer! with a lot of talent please keep writing.
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Ifeoma Ononye
I love the book
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Thank you for the nice comment.

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