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Hawk Andrews

It has been announced to everyone. We would be going on a camping excursion during the weekend.

Mary Davies stepped into the class with her head bowed. She held on tightly to her backpack as she moved slowly to her seat, which was right next to me. My gaze roved over her body, I can still remember the taste of her lips. The way I caressed her tiny waist and broad hips.

The waist I touched on the night I disvirgined her. I had awaken her passion which was filled with Innocence. I felt aroused by the memories.

I dreaded going to bed at night because I knew I would wake up drenched in sweat with my body aching with desire for a girl I hated with passion. For some weird reasons I find her beauty and I get jealous whenever I see her with Donald.

I already gave her some rules to follow, the last night I had my way with her. She sat on her sit without sparing me a glance.

Then I noticed the hickey's spl
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